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31 May 2017
IODP workshop: developing scientific drilling proposals for the Argentina Passive Volcanic Continental Margin (APVCM) – basin evolution, deep biosphere, hydrates, sediment dynamics and ocean evolution
Roger D. Flood, Roberto A. Violante, Thomas Gorgas, Ernesto Schwarz, Jens Grützner, Gabriele Uenzelmann-Neben, F. Javier Hernández-Molina, Jennifer Biddle, Guillaume St-Onge, and APVCM workshop participants
Sci. Dril., 22, 49-61,, 2017 | 235 views
31 May 2017
Fifteen years of the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling Program
Zhiqin Xu, Jingsui Yang, Chengshan Wang, Zhisheng An, Haibing Li, Qin Wang, and Dechen Su
Sci. Dril., 22, 1-18,, 2017 | 176 views
31 May 2017
Scientific Drilling at Lake Tanganyika, Africa: A Transformative Record for Understanding Evolution in Isolation and the Biological History of the African Continent, University of Basel, 6–8 June 2016
Andrew S. Cohen and Walter Salzburger
Sci. Dril., 22, 43-48,, 2017 | 121 views
31 May 2017
GONAF – the borehole Geophysical Observatory at the North Anatolian Fault in the eastern Sea of Marmara
Marco Bohnhoff, Georg Dresen, Ulubey Ceken, Filiz Tuba Kadirioglu, Recai Feyiz Kartal, Tugbay Kilic, Murat Nurlu, Kenan Yanik, Digdem Acarel, Fatih Bulut, Hisao Ito, Wade Johnson, Peter Eric Malin, and Dave Mencin
Sci. Dril., 22, 19-28,, 2017 | 116 views
31 May 2017
A comparison of the use of X-ray and neutron tomographic core scanning techniques for drilling projects: insights from scanning core recovered during the Alpine Fault Deep Fault Drilling Project
Jack N. Williams, Joseph J. Bevitt, and Virginia G. Toy
Sci. Dril., 22, 35-42,, 2017 | 112 views
31 May 2017
Facility for testing ice drills
Dennis L. Nielson, Chris Delahunty, John W. Goodge, and Jeffery P. Severinghaus
Sci. Dril., 22, 29-33,, 2017 | 92 views
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